Zack Batist

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2016 - Present PhD - Information Studies
University of Toronto

2012 - 2014 MA - Anthropology
McMaster University

2009 - 2012 BA - Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, High Honours
Carleton University

2007 - 2009 DEC - Social Sciences
Dawson College

Grants & Fellowships

2019 - 2021 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. Archaeological data curation as continuous and collaborative practice. Award ID: 752-2019-2233.

Research Positions

2018 - 2022 Research Assistant

2016 - 2021 Database Manager

2009 Research Assistant

2007 - 2009 Research Assistant


Journal Articles

2021 Z. Batist, V. Masters, T.C. Torma, N. Ferris, I. Huvila, S. Ross, M. Carter & C. Dallas. Figurations of Digital Archaeological Practice in Two Mediterranean Fieldwork Projects. Open Archaeology (Special Issue on Archaeological Practice on Shifting Grounds) 7(1):1731-1755. DOI: 10.1515/opar-2020-0217.

2021 D. Contreras, Z. Batist, C. Zogheib & T. Carter. Matching Pragmatic Lithic Analysis and Proper Data Architecture: The QuARI R Shiny Database Interface. Advances in Archaeological Practice 9(4):299-311. DOI: 10.1017/aap.2021.11.

2017 T. Carter, Z. Batist, K. Campeau, Y. Garfinkel & K. Streit. Investigating Pottery Neolithic Socio-Economic “Regression” in the Southern Levant: Characterising Obsidian Consumption at Sha’ar Hagolan (N. Israel). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 15:305-317. DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.08.016.

2014 K.P. Freund & Z. Batist. Sardinian Obsidian Circulation and Early Maritime Navigation in the Neolithic as Shown through Social Network Analysis. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 9(3):364-380. DOI: 10.1080/15564894.2014.881937.

2009 M. Loignon, W. Miao, L. Hu, A. Bouchard, T.A. Bismar, P.J. Scrivens, K. Mann, M. Basik, P. Fiset, Z. Batist & G. Batist. Frequent Nrf2 depletion due to Cul3 overexpression in breast cancer is associated with sensitivity to carcinogens, oxidative stress and chemotherapy. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 8(8):2432-2440. DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-08-1186.

Book Contributions

2018 S. Graham, N. Gupta, J. Smith, A. Angourakis, A. Reinhard, L. Richardson, K. Ellenberger, Z. Batist, J. Rivard, B. Marwick, M. Carter, & B. Compton. The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook Environment. eCampus Ontario.

Open Source Software

2020 - 2021 Queryable Artefact Record Interface (QuARI)

2018 FetchAbstracts.R

Open Datasets

2018 - Present open-archaeo

2014 - 2017 The Database of Obsidian Sourcing Studies (DObsiSS)

Conference Presentations

2023 Z. Batist. Documenting the collaborative commitments that support data sharing within archaeological project collectives. Paper presented at Digital Archaeology Bern 2023. Bern Computational and Digital Archaeology lab, University of Bern. Bern, Switzerland, 1-3 February 2023.

2021 Z. Batist & J. Roe. Open archaeology: a survey of collaborative software engineering in archaeological research. Paper presented at the 49th Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference (CAA 2021). Limassol, Cyprus (Virtual), 14-18 June 2021.

2019 Z. Batist. Untangling and extending the discursive relations mediated by archaeological data through grounded research. Paper presented at On shifting grounds – the study of archaeological practices in a changing world. COST-Arkwork & the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete, October 2019.

2018 Z. Batist. Documenting archaeological knowledge construction as socially-embedded information practices. Paper presented at PhD Research Days 2018. Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, April 2018.

2018 Z. Batist. Documenting archaeological knowledge construction as distributed information practices. Paper presented at the 46th Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference (CAA 2018). Tübingen, Germany, March 2018.

2017 Z. Batist & C. Dallas. A view from the bridge: human- and thing-centred approaches to research practice, disciplinary discourse and local engagement with the archaeological record. Paper presented at TAG (North America) 2017 - The Medium is the Message: Media and Mediation in Archaeology. Toronto, Ontario, May 2017.

2017 T. Carter, K. Campeau, Z. Batist, Y. Garfinkel, D. Rosenberg, Y. Rowan & K. Streit Social Interaction at Distance Over the Long Term: Obsidian Sourcing from the Southern Levant (9th – 4th millennia cal BC). Paper presented at the Society for American Archaeology 82nd Annual Meeting. Vancouver, British Columbia, March – April 2017.

2017 Z. Batist. Identifying Obsidian Procurement Habits during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in the Levant using Network Analysis. Poster presented at the Archaeological Institute of America 118th Annual Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, January 2017.

2015 Z. Batist. The Database of Obsidian Sourcing Studies (DObsiSS): Using Git for Collaborative Management of Archaeological Data. Poster presented at the American Archaeological Institute 116th Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2015.

2014 Z. Batist. An Examination of Obsidian Circulation Patterns in Terms of Relational and Geographical Distance in Southwest Asia and Anatolia from the Epi-Palaeolithic to Chalcolithic Periods (14000 – 5700 B.P.). Paper presented at Archaeological Sciences and the Ancient Mediterranean Environment. The Archaeological Centre, University of Toronto, March 2014.

2014 Z. Batist. Using Network Analysis to Examine Relative Resource Procurement Strategies in Anatolia and Southwest Asia from the Epipaleolithic to Chalcolithic Periods (14,000 – 5700 BP). Paper presented at the American Archaeological Institute 115th Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois, January 2014.

2013 K. Freund & Z. Batist. Tracking the Circulation of Sardinian Obsidian using Network Analysis: Lithic Procurement, Cultural Interaction, and Early Maritime Navigation in the Neolithic. Paper presented at Networks of maritime connectivity in the ancient Mediterranean: Structure, continuity, and change over the longue durée. The Archaeology Centre, University of Toronto, November 2013.

2013 Z. Batist. Using network analysis to examine obsidian assemblage variability in Anatolia and Southwest Asia from the Epi-Palaeolithic to Chalcolithic periods (14000 – 5700 BP). Paper presented at The Future of Historical Network Research Conference. Historical Network Research, University of Hamburg, September 2013.

2012 Z. Batist. Eat, Drink and Be Networked: Feasting and Bronze Age Networks. Invited panelist at the Colloquium on Digital History and the Transnational History of Nursing. Department of History, Carleton University, March 2012.

Awards & Honours

2019 Research Travel Grant ($500)

2017 Joseph and Maria Shaw Graduate Student Travel Award ($500)

2015 McMaster University Travel Scholarship for OpenCon 2015 ($2500)

2015 Edith M. Wightman Travel Scholarship ($1000)

2015 Travel Assistance Grant ($500)

2015 Graduate Student Travel Award ($120)

2014 Robert P. Wolff Thesis Prize

2014 McMaster University Travel Scholarship for OpenCon 2014 ($2500, declined)

2012 Dean’s Honour List

2015 Michael Kelway Oliver Scholarship ($2000)

2015 Full Tuition Scholarship (declined)


Teaching Assistant

2020 Curatorial Practice (MSL 2000)

2017 - 2020 Representing, Documenting, and Accessing the Cultural Record (INF 1321)

2017 Information Policy, Regulation and Law (INF 2181)

2016 Archaeology and Popular Culture (ANTH 2PC3)

2014, 2015 World Archaeology (ANTH 2WA3E)

2012, 2015 Introduction to Anthropology: Identity, Race and Power (ANTH 1AB3E)

2013 Introduction to Anthropology: Sex, Food and Death (ANTH 1AA3)

Workshops & Short Courses

2022 Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software

2018 Designing and Implementing Relational Databases

Academic Service

Community Service

2022 Peer Mentor

2017 - 2021 Coordinator, Archaeological Information Interest Group


2019 - 2020 Graduate Student Union Faculty Representative

2016 - 2019 Tech Fund Committee Member and Coordinator

2013 - 2014 Graduate Student Association Faculty Representative

Conference Organizer

2012 Second Annual Interdisciplinary Colloquium


2018 - Present Computer Applications in Archaeology

2020 - Present UofT Coders